Hiendl, Laure M. International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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born in 1986, is a composer and performer based in Berlin. Their work is situated between concert music, performance, music theatre, installation, and other interdisciplinary realms, employing instruments mainly in interaction with electronic means, and exploring the performativity of the space–time–body relationship in music as a live act: as a shared space in time between bodies for an event that is inherently theatrical and political. Laure earned their Doctorate at Columbia University New York and is currently Assistant Professor at the University Mozarteum Salzburg. 

Selected works: UniSolo for percussion (2012), OFFSHORE for brass quartet, two percussionists, electronics and video (2012–13), tonus for violin, cello and electronics (2014), Schichtung, performance–installation for four or more performers (2014), PARADISE, opera–installation for eight voices, ensemble, electronics and video (2015–16),Testomania for choir and electronics (2016), still|arriving, installation for piano and electronics (2016), i found a space for me and you and when i gave the space... for two performers (2016), little moments of invisible deaths for two pianos and electronics (2016), HighWay, choreography (with Julian Weber, 2016–17), Alles beginnt immer jetzt for cello and electronics (2017), String Quartet no. 1 Tubular– Mondo with electronics (2018), Ten Bullets rough One Hole for two voices and electronics and video (2018), excyte, performance (with Julian Weber and Kinga Tóth, 2018), Music for Hotelbars, installation for piano trio and electronics (2018), Contretemps/ Soliloquy for ensemble and electronics (2019), We called it utopia for piano / percussion quartet and electronics (2019), BERGEN, performance (with Göksu Kunak / Gucci Chunk, 2019), The Body of Work for viola, electronics and video (2020), White RadianceTM for voice, ensemble and electronics (2020), Songs for Captured Voices, music theatre for voice, ensemble and electronics (2020–21), String Quartet no. 2 (2021).