Tsangaris, Manos International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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born in 1956, he is a composer, drummer, and installation artist, one of the most important representatives of experimental music theatre. His compositions are internationally acclaimed and have been performed at several renowned festivals and theatres. Since the 1970s, he has consistently made performance conditions an essential theme of his compositional work, expressed through different artistic formats. He has always worked to expand and re ne the use of media in his composition and craft. His focus is on how various human areas of perception are linked to one another in artworks and how they can be developed so as to converge. In 2009 he was appointed professor of composition at the Carl Maria von Weber High School of Music in Dresden, and, in the same year, was elected as a member of the Academy of Arts in Berlin, where he has directed the music department since 2011. He has been a member of the Saxon Academy of Arts since 2010. He founded the Internationale Institut für Kunstermittlung (www.iike.de). He has done research in the field of scenic anthropology. Since 2016, he is co-artistic director (with Daniel Ott) of the Munich Biennale – Festival of New Music Theatre. 

Selected works (from 2000): Glockenturm for five-note chimes and light spaces (1999–2000), RELIEF, ODER DIE BUCHSTABENREVOLTE, spatial poem for speaker, instruments, non-speaking actor, stage installation, acoustic interventions, text projections and light sources (2000), Initium for two sopranos, organ, registrant (with percussion) and percussion (2000), Haben Sie Zeit? for two speakers and instruments (2000), Tafel N, version of Tafel 1 for any number of performers (2001), SCHICHTWECHSEL: Wie gehts Ihnen?, spatial poetry for speaker, lyric soprano, ensemble, text projection and light (1999–2000), Orpheus, Zwischenspiele, multi-site theatre for soprano, mezzo-soprano, countertenor, small orchestra, projected letters, 15 actors, at least 50 extras, Fadenorgel, lufte, three underground trains and light (2002), Ansage for flute (2003), 2 + 1 (Zwischenreich)for soprano, organ, percussion and light (2004), Drei Räume eater Suite, music theatre miniatures with limited audience (2004), Die Döner-Schaltung, music theatre miniatures with limited audience (2004), Ich bin nur scheintotto excerpts from Hans Christian Andersen’s diaries for chamber choir and electronically processed vocal sounds (2004–05), Labor, four works for soprano, ensemble, performers, living pictures, installations and drawings (2005), Vom Außen und Innen der Städte, music theatre (2006), Die Sonne so breit wie ein Menschenfuß, landscape for mobile and still light sources at night (2007), Memento (Lots Weib), music theatre (2007), Botenstoffe. Orestie, multi-site theatre (2007), Schwalbe, audio-film for soprano/speaker, baritone/ speaker/jogger, horn, percussion, fog horn, “staggered” acoustic interventions, lay actors on the bank and audience in motion (2011), Guten Tag, wie heißen Sie..., poem for horn, violin and projection (2011), Vivarium – Reisen, Kochen, Zoo... for motion in space, voices, instruments and light (2011–12), Glück and Vergessen for cello, piano and iPhone video (2012), Love & Diversity, music theatre (2012), Mistel Album for two cellos and percussion (2012), Karl May, Raum der Wahrheit, music theatre to a libretto by Marcel Beyer (2014), Mistel I for orchestra and newscaster (2014), Mistel II – Gong-Mistelfor orchestra (2014), Mistel III – Space-Mistel for orchestra (2014), Mistel IV – Dark Misteltoe for orchestra and moving lights (2014),Mistel V – LUX Mistel for orchestra and light spaces (2014), EILAND (ISOLA). Das aufgehobene Ich for stations in the room, voices, bass clarinets and lights (2015), DAS PIZZICATO MYSTERIUM for string orchestra (2016), City Pieces (Window Piece) for singer, actor, ensemble, installation, lights, video and audioguide (2016), WAIT! for singers (2016), HOME for actor, soprano, clarinettist and piano performer (2017), Aus ug ins Gebirge (with Daniel Ott, 2017), What I See for two players (2018), ABSTRACT PIECES, music theatre for actors, instruments, space and light (2018), Die Sonne hat sich inzwischen weitergedreht for voice, percussion, trees and movement artists (2018), es geht voran, chamber play for singer, actor, wind instruments, percussion and passers-by (2019), MY HEART IS A MAP for text projection, objects, thread organ, lights, three percussionists and passers-by (2020).