KWADROFONIK International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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ensemble playing both contemporary and traditional music; winner of the Passport Award of the Polityka weekly for virtuosity, imagination, sensitivity, and sense of humour, all of which make their performances and arrangements of music from various parts of the world—classical, folk, and children’s songs—sound both sophisticated and engaging. 

In their compositions and interpretations, members of Kwadrofonik enter into an extraordinary dialogue with one another, imperceptibly swapping their instruments’ functions, so that pianos become percussive instruments, and percussion takes over the functions of melodic instruments. The musicians are also well known for their spectacular demonstrations of uncommon types of sound produced on everyday objects. 

The ensemble’s numerous accolades include the Grand Prix of the New Tradition Polish Radio Folk Festival (2006), Special Award of the 3rd Svetozár Stračina Grand Prix Competition of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in Bratislava, Folk Album of the Year (critics’ award for the best folk album for CD Folklove, 2009), gold disc for Lutosławski, Tuwim. Songs Not Only for Children, and Folk Album of the Year for Folk Requiem (2015). That last release was also nominated for the Coryphaeus of Polish Music Award as event of the year (2015). 

The ensemble’s compositions have been presented on BBC 3 Radio, Late Junction and in the most prestigious venues such as New York’s Carnegie Hall, Chicago Symphony Hall, Berlin Philharmonic, Izumi Hall in Osaka, as well as at contemporary music festivals worldwide.