Bazylek at Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Bazylek is the great-great-great-grandson of the legendary Warsaw basilisk. Like his great-great-great-grandfather, he was born and lives in Warsaw and like him, he has unique abilities. What makes him different from his great-grandfather, however, is the fact that his ability has nothing to do with sight and the world of “seeing,” but instead with another sense: hearing. Bazylek has sensitive ears and is particularly sensitive to sounds. This doll, which was invented during the pandemic and which has accompanied the Sinfonia Varsovia orchestra for a year, has a sensitivity and curiosity in the world of sounds and music similar to that of a child. Bazylek likes to be surprised and constantly asks questions. He decides to go to a concert at the Warsaw Autumn Festival, where he gets to know works by contemporary composers, sounds of the flute, piano, and percussion. 

After his year-long virtual “life” online, he embarks on a real concert life, thanks to the lifting of some restrictions with the launch of Sinfonia Varsovia’s summer season and the Warsaw Autumn Festival. Thanks to his presence at contemporary music concerts children will certainly respond more freely and naturally to experimental and—in the eyes (or rather ears) of adults— seemingly di cult contemporary music. An encounter between this fantastic Warsaw creature—a glove puppet representing the most Warsawian orchestra—and the just-as-legendary Warsaw Autumn Festival will certainly be a wonderful adventure for participant children. It will also be an great opportunity for them to experience contemporary music. 

Anna Kierkosz