Fagin, Lucas International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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was born in 1980 in Argentina. He is a composer, keyboard and guitar player living in Paris and Buenos Aires. He studied with Daniel Montes, Ricardo Martinez and Aldo Antognazzi in Buenos Aires. In 2003 he moved to France where he studied composition with Marco Stroppa, Stefano Gervasoni, and Luis Naón at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris. 

He focuses both on instrumental and purely electronic music. Some of the main features of his work include instrumental and electronic spatialisation, the use of noise mixed with pitch, the treatment of sound as a plastic clay, the mix and use of ordinary/conventional objects alongside traditional instruments, creating an abstract and contextless sound world. In most of his work, there are almost no reference points tending to build columns in time: the bridges of memory are destroyed. In recent years, he has focused on psi-fi and psychedelic subjects.

He has received commissions notably from the Ensemble Intercontemporain (2011 and 2020), Ars Musica, the French State (2015 and 2022), Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires (CETC), SACEM, RTE Lyric FM (Ireland), Trio KDM, Teatro Argentino de La Plata, Teatro San Martín, Radio France, GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales), Casa de Velázquez, Atmusica, and Festival Présences. He has worked with ensembles and musicians such as Cairn, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Le Balcon, L’Instant Donné, Quatuor Danel, Irvine Arditti, Nicolas Crosse, Horacio Lavandera, Trio KDM, Tropi Ensemble, Camerata Aberta, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Vortex, Reinhold Frederich-Robyn Julkowsky, Squillante, Orchestre de Lauréats du Conservatoire de Paris, Sonido Extremo, Kenichi Nakagawa, Orchestre du Conservatoire de Paris, Multilatérale, McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble, Tana String Quartet, Nuntempe, Compañia Oblicua, 2e2m, Orchestr Berg, and conductors such as Guillaume Bourgogne, Matthias Pintscher, Zsolt Nagy, Frank Ollu, Rut Schreiner, Tetsuji Honna, Maxime Pascale, Jordi Frances, Léo Warynski, and many others. His opera La Libertad total based on a novel by Pablo Katchadjian was premiered in 2014, opening the Buenos Aires Contemporary Music Festival with a stage setting by Mariano Tenconi Blanco. He was composer-in-residence at the Académie de France à Madrid, Casa de Velázquez, and was granted around twenty international and national prizes. 

Selected works: Austral for piano (2001), Cometas for 14 spatialised musicians (2005), Filamentos for electronics (2005), Galaxia Espiral for 15 spatialised musicians (2005), Crónica del Oprimido for double bass and electronics (2006), Entre Mundos for orchestra (2006), Arquetipo for 34 musicians (2007), Jackpot for trumpet and percussion (2009), Spiresfor string quartet (2009), Lanterna Magica for six musicians (2011),Línea de Universo for string quartet (2012), Isochronic Junk-Box for accordion and percussion (2013), La Libertad total, opera (2013), Space-Junkfor 22 spatialised strings (2015), Psychedelic for seven amplified instruments (2015), Supersonic for electronics (2017), Electrochoque for four electric guitars (2018), Terror en el espacio for amplified trio and astronauts’ dialogues triggered by computer (2018), Soyuz 245 for seven amplified instruments (2019), Soyuz 237 for six amplified instruments (2020), Stroboscopic for string quartet (2021), Goodbye Planet Earth for 25 musicians (2021).