Karski, Dominik International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Born in 1972 in Szczebrzeszyn, Polish-Australian composer whose main body of work is informed by close collaboration with distinct interpreters of new music. In his composing, he focuses essentially on the player–instrument relationship as the primary source of the musical substance. Exploration and searching constitute the foundation of the approach, as the composer’s main goal is to bring out a range of energies and emotional charges contained within various sound qualities. Ensembles and soloists who have worked with Karski and presented his works include US autist Carlton Vickers, Polish duo Flute o’clock, violinists Karin Hellqvist and Anna Kwiatkowska, cellist Mikołaj Pałosz, The Roentgen Connection and harpsichordist Gośka Isphording, autists Anna Petrini (Paetzold contrabass recorder) and Ewa Liebchen, ELISION Ensemble, Quatuor Diotima, and Ensemble SurPlus, among many others. His works have been presented at major international events, including Warsaw Autumn, Musica Polonica Nova, Musica Electronica Nova, ISCM World New Music Days, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Gaudeamus Music Week, Frum Festival (Iceland), and Samtida Musik (Sweden). CDs with his works have been released in Australia, Austria, Canada, Poland, Sweden, and the UK; of particular importance is the monographic disc with the composer’s flute works recorded by Flute o’Clock (Ewa Liebchen and Rafał Jędrzejewski), released in 2016 by Bółt Records, Poland. 

Selected works: Matter of Perspective for o stage piccolo, amplified bass flute, bass clarinet, piano, violin and cello (2000), Streaming Voices for orchestra (2000), Threads of Fate for violin,  cello and piano (2001), Streams of Consciousness for viola and cello (2000), Streams of Consciousness II for oboe, bassoon, viola and cello (2001), Streams of Consciousness III for piccolo, oboe, contrabassoon, viola and cello (2001), Glimmer for alto flute and bass flute (2002), Streams Within for 14 musicians (2003), Open Cluster M45 for amplified bass flute (2003), motion+form for percussion, harp and double bass (2003), Streamforms II for amplified cello (2004), The Impulse Within for percussion and string quartet (2004), (e)motion of forms, six fragments for violin (2005), To Remain in Change for flute and cello (2005), RiverBed for flute, guitar, harp and violin (2006), the Source Within for piano and three instrumental groups (2006), The Outward Impulse for contrabass clarinet and tam-tam (2007), entangled for trombone and cello (2007), Gates of the Irrational for bass-baritone and piano (2007), fragile for two clarinets (2008), Oscillations of Presence for bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet (2008), pre-seed for flutes and ensemble (2009), 112 Iphigenia for amplified flute (2009), Superb Imposition for amplified Paetzold contrabass recorder (2010), In Search of Certainty for string quartet (2010), Certainty’s Extent for cello (2011–13), Veiled Voice for flute (2012), Certainty’s Flux for violin (2013), Veiled Words for two alto flutes and two tam-tams (2013), Streampulses for harpsichord (2014), The Unsearchable for piccolo / flute, percussion and harpsichord (2014), Streamforms III for flute, alto flute and harp (2015), Metaphysical Grafftti for amplified prepared accordion (2016), The Unquenchable for amplified alto flute (2016), Streamforms IV for percussion (2017), Streamforms V (Crepuscular) for alto flute, bass flute, piano and percussion (2018), Along the Edge of Light for flute, violin and cello (2020), Night Garden for piano (2021), Beyond a Shadow of Certainty for string quartet (2021), Streamforms VI (Nocturnal) for piano (2022), The Unknowable for cello, double bass, percussion and piano (2022).