Klartag, Yair International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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is an Israeli composer currently living in Tel Aviv. He studied composition with Ruben Seroussi and Georg Friedrich Haas at Tel Aviv University, High School of Music in Basel, and Columbia University. 

His music has been commissioned by the Donaueschinger Musiktage, Münchener Kammerorchester, MATA festival, Munich Biennale, and ZeitRüume Festival and performed by ensembles such as Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, Munich Chamber Orchestra, Geneva Chamber Orchestra, Tokyo Sinfonietta, Wrocław Philharmonic Orchestra, ensemble recherche, Ensemble Musikfabrik, ensemble mosaik, Ensemble Linea, Meitar ensemble, JACK quartet and the MIVOS quartet in festivals such as Ultraschall Berlin, Venice Biennale, Schwetzinger Festspiele, Éclat, Bludenzer Tage Zeitgemässiger Musik, Tage für Neue Musik Zurich, and others. He has received several awards and scholarships including the Ernst von Siemens Composition Prize, Composition Prize of the City of Stuttgart, Henri Lazaro Prize, 31st Irino Prize, New Classics Prize, Yvar Mikhasho Prize, 1st Prize at 1st Ireneu Segarra International Composition Competition, 2nd Prize at Concours Dutilleux and Concours de Genève, Audience Prize at Isang Yun Composition Competition, Israeli Prime Minister Prize, Klon scholarship from Israel Composers’ League, as well as artist residencies in Herrenhaus Edenkoben and the DAAD Artist’s Programme in Berlin. He currently teaches composition and analysis at the Jerusalem Academy of Music. 

Selected works: Five Pieces for piano (2007), Mind the Gaps for string quartet and electric guitar (2008), Taking the note for a walk for piano (2008), Many Waters for mixed choir, children’s choir and two percussionists (2008), Salve Regina for children’s choir and organ (2009), Bipolar Disorder for 14 musicians (2009), Stagnation Points for flute, clarinet, bassoon, violin, cello and piano (2009), A Confrontation with Infinities for saxophone and electronics (2010), Hat Trick for flute and cello (2010), Background Music for Fundraising Event for symphony orchestra (2010), Anisomorphism for 17 musicians (2011), Lingua Ignota for soprano, trombone, piano, percussion and cello (2011), Se vuol ballare for electric bass (2011), But that is all misunderstanding for vocal quartet, flute, saxophone, piano and cello (2011), Moments incommunicables for guitar, flute, clarinet, violin and cello (2011), A melancholy of mine own for clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2012), Fragments of Profound Boredom for saxophone, piano and percussion (2012), All Day I Hear the Noise of Waters for percussion (2012), Compos mentis for ten musicians (2012), No symbols where none intended for lupophone, bass clarinet, contraforte, piano, violin and cello (2012), Bloody Flux for baritone saxophone, cello and electric guitar amplifier (2012), On writing poetry for 11 musicians (2013), Divergence de la série harmonique for guitar (2013), Con forza di gravità for string orchestra (2013), La Lumière des coïncidences for saxophone quartet (2013), Nothing to Express for electric guitar and string quartet (2014), The Myth of Homo Rudolfensis for three sopranos and ensemble (2014), A Villa in the Jungle for piano, flute, bass clarinet, violin and cello (2014), Polychronizationfor string quartet (2015), Im Zeitalter der Reproduzierbarkeit for piano and video (2015), Ex tempore for soprano, tenor saxophone, electric guitar, piano and accordion (2015), Pros mathematikous for clarinet, flute, violin, viola and cello (2015), There’s no lack of void for eight instruments (2016), Bocca chiusa for clarinet and chamber orchestra (2017), Unavoidably Sentimental for 11 musicians (2017), Goo-pronefor saxophone, trombone, accordion, piano and cello (2017), Generally Pathetic for piano and synthesizer (2018), Keep cool but care for clarinet, piano, accordion and contrabass (2019), Concerto grosso for instrumental sextet and chamber orchestra (2019), Six Memos from the Last Millennium for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, cello and video (2020),Voglio e non vorrei for two clarinets, two horns and two bassoons (2019), Rationale for soprano and ensemble (2021), Unbearable Lightness for flute, harp and viola (2020), Instabilities for violin (2021), Awkward Dances and Passacaglia for ensemble (2021), The Replication Crisis for electric guitar quartet (2021).