Pluta, Sam International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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A composer and electronics performer whose work explores the intersections between instrumental forces, reactive computerised sound worlds, traditionally notated scores, improvisation, audiovisuals, psychoacoustic phenomena, and installation-like soundscapes. Since 2009, he has served as technical director and composing member of Wet Ink Ensemble. 

Laptop improvisation is a core part of Pluta’s artistic practice. Performing on his custom so ware instrument, he has toured internationally with Rocket Science, the Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, and the Peter Evans Ensemble. He appears as a composer and performer on over thirty albums of new music and jazz, many of which are released on his label, Carrier Records. 

He is currently Associate Professor of computer music at the John Hopkins Peabody in Baltimore. 

Selected works (from 2011): Portraits/Self Portraits for large ensemble (2011), Machine Language for percussionist, two percussion, two bass clarinets, two violins, accordion and electronics (2012), Broken Symmetries for violin soloist, so ware-controlled feedback, flute, saxophone, piano and percussion (2012), Sixty Cycles for sopranino saxophone, television feedback, live video, violin and cello (2013), Chain Reactions/Five Events for string quartet and live electronics (2013), Four Sixes for percussion sextet (2014), Escape Strategies for violin, flute, clarinet, percussion and electronics (2014), Points Against Fields for bassoon and fixed media (2014), MODULES for two trumpets, horn, tuba, percussion and live electronics (with Je Snyder, 2014), hydra for violin, piano, fixed media and live electronics (2015), Seven Systems for two pianos, two percussion and electronics (2015), delay/line for flute and electronics (2016), binary/momentary: ow state/joy state for string quartet (2016), binary/momentary ii: ow state/joy state for trumpet, two trombones, percussion and piano (2017), Matrix for George Lewisfor two silent trombones with live analysis and synthesis (2017), Lines on Black for voice, flute, saxophone, violin, piano, percussion and electronics (2018), for Delia Derbyshire for bass, guitar and electronic playback (2018), binary/momentary iii for cello and playback (2018), Actuate/Resonate for large ensemble (2018), New Work for saxophone, violin, cello, piano, percussion and quadraphonic playback (2019), binary/momentary iv for saxophone quartet and electronics (2020), Interlocking Systems I for flute, cornet, piano, percussion, violin, cello and electronics (2021), Seeker for orchestra with electronics (2022).