Silski / Hendrich / Strojecki International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Silski / Hendrich / Strojecki
audiovisual installation

Michał Silski audiovisual installation
Paweł Hendrich music in children’s audiovision Kolorytm
Tomasz Strojecki visual layer in children’s audiovision Kolorytm

Michał Silski Motion, sound and colour, islands on the ocean of time **
as part of the project Hear Light, See Sound
audiovisual installation
(Warsaw Autumn commission)

Paweł Hendrich / Tomasz Strojecki Kolorytm ***
children’s audiovision and app with educational and artistic material
(Warsaw Autumn commission)

** first presentation
*** first digital presentation, within the ExplainIt App downloadable soon from the festival website and on venue

Installation for children aged up to 12 accompanied by parents.

Partner of the event: Museum of Warsaw