Aleksić / BASTARDA / Szawiel / Chang International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Katarina Aleksić violin, lullaby selection and music concert concept
Paweł Szamburski clarinet
Michał Górczyński contrabass clarinet
Tomasz Pokrzywiński cello
Anna Szawiel rescript, direction, moderator
Qinke Chang visualizations

Katarina Aleksić and Bastarda Lulabaje **
contemporary improvisations on eight traditional melodies
(Warsaw Autumn commission)

Spells Improvisation based on a Sephardic lullaby
Alone improvisation based on a lullaby from the Isle of Man
Fly improvisation based on a Serbian lullaby
Sercosztika improvisation based on an Aztec/Mexican lullaby
Wiszenka improvisation based on a Ukrainian lullaby
Hopaje improvisation based on a Congolese lullaby
Mute improvisation based on an Armenian lullaby
Domsong improvisation based on a Chinese lullaby

** first performance

Concert for children aged 5 and over.

Partner of the concert: National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw