éskhatos | at one end of a continuum - Martyna Kosecka International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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éskhatos | at one end of a continuum - Martyna Kosecka

Inspired by the concept of entropy in thermodynamics and statistical physics, this work for amplified harpsichord and multichannel electronics explores the state of disorder, randomness, and uncertainty through the multiplication of the harpsichord sound. My composition assembles a number of possible microscopic structures coming from harpsichord(s) in a multi-layered acoustic space. As a simulation it represents the transformation of time at an accelerating tempo. The growing entropy of connections aggravates sonic disorder, resulting in a slow agony of motion: the suffering of all things. The harpsichord sound becomes the sound of the dying universe. 

The electronic part was developed at the composer’s home studio and the Norwegian Centre for Technology, Art and Music NOTAM in Oslo, Norway.

Dedicated to Gośka Isphording. 

Martyna Kosecka