It - Franck Bedrossian International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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The title of this piece evokes the frenzy of free jazz and designates the different archetypes (virtuoso saxophone and clarinet runs, double bass solo, and so forth) that appear and are the object of multiple distortions. Each of the models is in turn threatened then transformed by the over owing of sound matter that alternates between transparency and roughness. The sound itself— which is, in a way, the main character of this work—collides with these different figures, provoking their mutation. Out of this interplay of tensions there emerges a form by accumulation, an instrumental dramaturgy that perpetuates itself to the rhythm of the from-ings and to-ings between timbres, speeds, sound energies, and references that organise the musical discourse. 

This work was written for the musicians of the Ensemble 2e2m, to whom it is dedicated. 

Franck Bedrossian