Kolorytm - Paweł Hendrich / Tomasz Strojecki International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Musical miniature in the form of an audiovision, i.e., a dynamic animation with soundtrack. In audiovision, vision and sound continuously complement and comment on each other. Thanks to this, spectators become listeners and can also experience the work on a deeper level. 

The first phase of composition refers to how the sight of a newborn baby evolves. Soon after birth, the baby only sees blurred contours of people and objects in black and white. Only at the end of the first month of life does a baby beging to distinguish colour red, then in subsequent weeks, green and yellow. With time, the baby learns to identify sharper contours. This evolution of the way of seeing is reflected both by animation and accompanying music. The listener is convinced how black, red, green, and yellow colours “sound” like. 

In the second stage of the work, the focus jumps: animation shows all the colours of the rainbow. The authors again call for the synesthesia effect (association of sensations originating with various senses), encouraging our young audience to see music and hear colours. The impression of synesthesia is reinforced thanks to the fission of white light into colourful partials, and in the sound layer, thanks to the use of selected spectral music techniques. 

Paweł Hendrich