Modular Process Music - Krzysztof Cybulski International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Process music is one in which, instead of composing the piece, the artist designs a process which in turn generates the composition that is our target. A modular process can be described as one that can be freely reorganised during performance by modifying the mutual interrelations between the elements. 

Modular Process Music is an attempt to take a fresh look at improvisation with live electronics, o the beaten track of sound looping and sequencing, and at making the very process of music composition clearer and more communicative for the audience. The core of the project, developed and improved since 2016, consists of a set of instruments-devices which I created myself and which become elements of the above-mentioned modular process. They communicate with one another, as improvising musicians do, only by means of sound, which makes it possible flexibly to mould and transform the piece that emerges in the course of improvisation. 

Krzysztof Cybulski