Pros mathematikous - Yair Klartag International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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is quintet was another step in my exploration of continuous music and pseudosampling. Influenced by the music of Scelsi, I tried to create an elastic continuous stream of sound, where the movement between harmonic centres is a side effect of the organic owing of the different voices. is continuous movement is at some point sampled beat, creating a tension between the rhythmic drive and the slow continuity of the changes. The idea of continuous music without discrete recognizable events, makes it harder to dissect and analyse, and resist academic categorization. The title (which literally means “against mathematicians” or “against academic disciplines”) is taken from a book by the Greek philosopher Sextus Empiricus. In his ancient writings, he questions the validity of logical inference and scientific methodologies. These ideas correspond to the perception of continuous music as an irrational musical progression. 

Yair Klartag