Prostory Svitla - Alla Zagaykevych International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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One of the books dedicated to the founder and long-time director of the Polish Radio Experimental Studio Józef Patkowski is entitled Patkowski. Ambassador of Music from Mars.

As the author of the book Agnieszka Pindera explains, electronic music at the time of its appearance was most often heard in documentaries on space. In 2021, humanity can already hear the sounds of Mars, but we still need ambassadors of the future, visionaries, inventors of new thinking, discoverers of new ways of developing art and society. 

The futuristic artists of the 1920s were similarly ambassadors of the future in European culture. Those who laid the foundations of new musical thinking, including the aesthetic foundations of electronic music, to the development of which Józef Patkowski dedicated his life. The world discovered by Józef Patkowski, the world of electronic music, the real “universe of sound,” was no less impressive than the “space of the starry sky,” and its study in the mid-1950s was like the discovery of a new planet. Józef Patkowski paid great attention to the involvement of scientific approaches in the development of artistic practice in the field of electroacoustic music, sound synthesis research and acoustic research methods in musicology. 

The work Prostory Svitla is an attempt to involve artistic futuristic practices and constructivist principles of the art of Ukrainian futurism in the contemporary artistic context. Among such concepts, the first is the idea of “constructive dynamism,” described by Valerian Polishchuk in the Avant-Garde magazine in 1929, where the author reflects on the problem of artistic perception the dynamic nature of reality. 

Alla Zagaykevych