Triggering - Miroslav Srnka International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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I. Digital Wounds
II. Major Rain
III. The Last Tennis Match With My Grandfather
IV. Yet Another High School Shooting
V. My Mom Just Got the Only Sewing Machine Available Back Then and Learns
VI. Analyzing the Fatal Shot
VII. Hammers in the Forest Vault
VIII. Does God Shoot His Own Particles? 

In solo pieces, I try to (re)discover instruments, to find something in their substance with which my music could communicate. 
The harpsichord is an especially challenging case, for its substance is very historical: tones without any possibility of modifying colour or loudness. 
The harpsichord mechanism either plucks the strings or does not. 1 or 0. Very digital.
Suddenly very contemporary.
What is in between the ones and zeros? 
There is this very special instant, between the moment when the finger starts pressing the key and the moment when the plectrum plucks the string. An instant characterized by a mounting pressure. 
A mechanism that literally triggers a tone.
Each tone becomes a shot.
Between shots—another time.
This time may be political, social, private, metaphorical, sporting, humorous, existential, climatic. 
In this piece I attempt to construct all these different times— the instants and the between-times—until the mechanism of playing dissolves and the times change in nature. 

Miroslav Srnka