hyperoxic - Malin Bång International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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hyperoxic celebrates the oxygen as a human necessity and foundation for wind instruments, and explores different means of letting air pour through the bass flute; either with massive air pressure, or as gentle gusts, or using the smallest amount of air possible. There are many everyday objects that use air in their basic functions and I have chosen a collection of objects that can challenge the flute with their unique sounds, but also seamlessly merge with the palette of air timbres created by the flute. The focus is air in three different appearances: the communicative air that we use for speaking and whispering; the organic air that we experience as breathing, winds or breezes, and finally the mechanic air which is used in several simple tools and machines. These three prototypes have influenced the music on different levels such as the many shades of air timbres, the specific characters of the different gestures, the interaction between the performers as well as the form being based on a gradual movement from the communicative and organic air to a noisier, loop-based mechanic air. 

Malin Bång