Garnero, Fernando International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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He studied composition with Éric Gaudibert in Geneva and Ivan Fedele in Strasbourg, computer-assisted composition with Thomas Kessler and Hans-Peter Kyburz in Basel, and electronic music at IRCAM (2008–9). He has also been inspired by meetings with Brian Ferneyhough, Georges Aperghis, Gérard Pesson, and Thierry Blondeau. 

His compositions are played by leading ensembles, orchestras and soloists, including Contrechamps, Vortex, Accroche Note, KDM, Phoenix, Proton, Repertorio Zero, OSPSF, Cairn, Lucilin, Distractfold, Wet Ink, L’imaginaire, S.I.C., Sillages, Les Solistes de Lyon, Reconsil, Argonaut, Scapegoat, Vertixe Sonora, Françoise Rivalland, Donatienne Michel-Dansac, Mauricio Carrasco, Béatrice Zawodnik, and Charlote Testu. His music has been featured at festivals such as the Venice Biennale, Strasbourg’s Musica, Huddersfield, Archipel, BIFEM, MIA, Berlin’s Unerhörte Musik, Voix Nouvelles, Mixtur, St Petersburg’s International New Music Festival, and many others. He has received commissions from Royaumont, Venice Biennale, SUISA, Mika Salabert, Radio France, Liechti, Nestlé, Nicati de Luze, French Ministry of Culture, Festival des Voix de Prieuré, Teatro Colón, and has been the recipient of prizes and scholarships from the canton of Geneva and the Patiño Swiss Foundation. Fernando Garnero is the founder and artistic codirector of Swiss ensemble Vortex, part of Vortex Project, a collective of new music composers and performers based in Geneva. He is Associated Artist to BIFEM Festival until 2023. From September 2020, he is a resident at the Villa Médicis (French Academy) in Rome. 

Selected works (since 2010): Odradek for flute, clarinet, oboe, percussion, electric guitar, accordion, viola, cello and double bass (2010), Por la ribera, hacia ningun río soñado for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano and amplified string trio (2011), Kraft for dancer, percussion and electronics (2011), Ballad/Avoidances for alto flute, alto saxophone, percussion, piano and electronics (2012), Deshilacha manerasfor orchestra (2012), Ojo de buey for 14 performers (2013), Limae labor for amplified string trio and electric guitar (2013), Granite Lip for flute, oboe, bass clarinet, trombone, accordion, violin, viola and cello (2014), Bop/Avoidances for flute, bass clarinet tenor saxophone, percussion, sampler, violin, viola and double bass (2014), Interlude for electric guitar (2014), Fabula for amplified bass clarinet, double bass and electronics (2015), NTPM for accordion, two percussionists and electronics (2015), Ragtime/Avoidances for amplified bass flute, baritone saxophone, piano and electronics (2015), Las Nereidas for 4-channel electronics (2015), Fabulae for amplified ensemble, electronics and video (2016), Neon Pig for 12 performers and low-fi electronics (2017), Junkspace for oboe, prepared bass clarinet, bassoon, percussion, harp, violin, cello, double bass and electronics (2017), Tête/Carrousel for baritone saxophone, percussion and electronics (2017), Mutante/Amniotica for double bass and electronics (2018), Dynamogramme: Allegretto for 14 musicians and electronics (2018–19), Trans-étude#1 for bass flute, baritone saxophone and toy piano (2019), V15, 17-channel installation for 1600 piezo loudspeakers and two subwoofers (2019–20), Transétude#2 for flute, viola and harp with engines (2020).