The Right Ear - François Sarhan International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Cinema generally proposes a pact with the spectator: that of not showing how things are made. No microphone, no camera in the frame, otherwise the magic would be broken. But here, on the contrary, all the artifices are revealed and the spectator chooses the point of view from which they wish to witness the show. A movie is projected on a screen, with sound, but under the screen we can see the scenery, the musicians performing music and the soundtrack. This play halfway between musical theatre and what could be described as “manual cinema” invites us to observe closely the device and those who handle it, decorations in the form of models arranged on tables with techniques of sound effects performed live. An anti-blockbuster, a satire of modern life tinged with surreal black humour, in which we follow the absurd mechanics of a Kafkaesque character caught in the act of consumerism. 

François Sarhan