Matičevska, Lilijana International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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is a composer fascinated by the perception of time as we listen to music. Her works are often inspired by politics, history, her own experiences in the world, but her biggest source of inspiration comes from a sense of community, collaboration and unique musical interests and musicianship of the performers she works with.

Lilijana studied composition at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, taking lessons from Katy Abbott, Miriama Young, Elliott Gyger, Christine McCombe and Melody Eötvös.

Lilijana’s music has been performed in Europe, North America and around Australia. Her composition Palimpsest, commissioned by Musica Assoluta was given its world premiere in Hannover in 2018, after which she was described in the press as a 'mordlustigen [Australierin]'—a badge she wears with pride. Other recent commissions include 'Electric Revolution' for the esteemed Thereminist Thorwald Jørgensen and the Acacia String Quartet, premiered at the Albury Chamber Music Festival in 2019, Black Cat Sonata for guitarist Harold Gretton, premiered at the Melbourne Guitar Festival that same year. In 2021 she begun working on a cycle of solo instrumental and electroacoustic compositions, including You Can Call Me CV01 for contrabassoon (commissioned for the ANAM Set and premiered by Jye Todorov) which will culminate in an interdisciplinary vocaloid opera featuring Hatsune Miku. 

She has worked as a composer for ensembles and musicians as wide-ranging as Plexus Collective, Ziggy and Miles Johnston, The Australian National Academy of Music, JACK Quartet, ELISION Ensemble and Musica Assoluta (Hannover).