Morales Murguía, Hugo International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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After concluding his studies at the Center of Research and Musical Studies (CIEM) in Mexico City, he moved to the Netherlands to continue his postgraduate studies with the support of institutions such as the Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education and the Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes. He holds a degree in music composition from the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, a degree in sonology from the Institute of Sonology, and a PhD from the Centre of Contemporary Music Practice at Brunel University in London. Rediscovering the boundaries of traditional instruments, the utilisation of found objects, the exploration of technology and performance techniques, and the development of alternative forms of sound generation for music composition are essential elements of Morales’s works. 

Interested in approaching traditional instruments as cultural artifacts and inventing instrumental implementations of rudimentary objects, many of his works intend to explore the figure of the instrumentalist as a versatile music performer, a musician that beyond mastering their instrument is capable of transforming any object into a musical instrument. His works develop from physical exploration in which instrumental architecture, acoustics and technique relate to each other, generating musical structure as the piece unfolds. 

He currently teaches electronic music composition at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. 

Selected works: Lu for prepared vibraphone (2011), Fields for six musicians and 35 power cords (2011), Mechanical Tension for prepared ensemble of nine musicians (2011–12), Tonewood for five amplified wooden instruments and impulse generator (2011–12), Trio for disposable reeds for three amplied in“straw”ments (2012–13), Equid for five amplified bones (2013–14), Five Violinized Utensils for five amplified objects (2014), Modes of Mechanical Ventilation for amplified intubed flute (2014), Etude of Propulsion for four jumpers, electronics and synthesizers (2014), Variable Axial Flux for six table ventilators (2014), Endoscopies for three human mouths, live electronics and video production system (2014), Tonewood II for amplified resonating wooden instruments and computer (2015), &TD for three amplified resonating structures (2015), Phobia for dancers and percussion ensemble (2015), Underline, opera for four percussionists and four dancers (2013–16), Terra Incognita for two dancers (2016–17), Vortices generated in fluids such as air for seven musicians (2017), Sustainable Music for four electric bicycle generators, loudspeakers, lights and prepared vacuum cleaners (2017), On Floating Ground for ensemble and custom-made hardware (2018), Freiheit for eight dancers (2019), Wireless for three wireless guitars (2019), Book of Organisms I–II for custom-made aerophone and flutes (2020), Topspin Plama for three cymbals, six bug-zapper rackets and amplification system (2021), Freedom for dancers, percussion ensemble and twelve amplified boxes (2021).