Orłowski, Franciszek Międzynarodowy Festiwal Muzyki Współczesnej Warszawska Jesień

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born in 1984, he lives and works in Poznań and Warsaw. Postconceptual artist, sculptor, performer, authors of installations, artistic objects, video films, and participation projects. He graduated from the Art University in Poznań, Intermedia Department, obtaining a diploma in 2010 for a project mentored by Mirosław Bałka and Piotr Kurek. In 2014 he held a residency in Tokyo. His artistic interests centre around man and the human condition. His time and place of birth have allowed him to confront the world of developed socialism with burgeoning capitalism and consumerism. In his projects, he addresses political, geographic, social, economic, and class identity, often from a post-Marxist perspective. 

His projects have notably been presented at the Modern Art Gallery in Warsaw (2008, Nie ma sorry), Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw (2013, Splendor tkaniny), Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw (2016, Przestrajanie. Leszek Knaflewski i audiosfera; 2013, British British Polish Polish), Contemporary Art. Centre in Toruń (2015, Antropologia geometrii), TRAFO Art. Trafostation in Szczecin (2017, Przechwałki i pogróżki), Arsenał City Gallery in Poznań (2018, Życie codzienne w Polsce), Arsenał Gallery in Białystok (2012, Potencjalne miasto; 2011, Mir), Rodriguez Gallery in Poznań (2018, Cabinet of True Horizons; 2017, Nie ma jednego), Stereo Gallery in Poznań (2010, Rób tak), Art. Bunker in Cracow (2015, Minimalne formy realności), BWA Wrocław (2012, Apoptoza), BWA Zielona Góra (2011, Projekty wybrane), BWA Sokół in Nowy Sącz (2016, Pany chłopy, chłopy pany), Gdańsk City Gallery (2018, Flow: W dzikiej kocham się Wiśle), Manhattan Gallery in Łódź (2016, Miłość). He has also participated in international projects such as Revolve Performance Art Days (Uppsala Konstmuseum, 2018), Common id-eas (Kersan Art Foundation, Yogyakarta, 2018), Interiors (Mathare Art Gallery, Nairobi, 2018), OSTRALE Biennale (Center for Contemporary Art, Dresden, 2017), AIT x Takanawa Unlimited (Tokyo, 2017), Hati Hati Hat. Social Design for Social Living (National Gallery, Jakarta, 2016), Je brûle Paris (Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, 2016), Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art (Museum of Odessa Modern Art, 2015), Proximity (Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, 2015), ART IST KUKU NU UT, PRADA PRAVDA (Tartu, 2013), Double Game – Podwójna gra (Polish-Ukrainian special project within the 1st International Contemporary Art Biennale, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, 2012), After Socialist Statue (Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, 2011), Zerreißproben (Leipziger Kreis, Leipzig, 2010). 

Until October 2022, his individual exhibition is Blood is For You can be seen at the MOCAK Contemporary Art Museum in Cracow.