ULYSSES PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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The idea of the ensemble was originally inspired by Enlightenment (18th-century) artists who wandered all across Europe, visiting at each “stop” along the way the greatest master’s workshops in order to learn their techniques and to improve their skills. Following in the footsteps of the Homeric hero, their odyssey paved the way for future generations of young European artists. Europe is distinguished by a wealth of artistic contexts. Ulysses Network aims to take maximum advantage of this legacy by offering unique work conditions to young artists: composers, musicians, conductors, and ensembles. Currently, Ulysses Network consists of eleven partner institutions from nine European countries. 

Each year the network publishes a call to select international young musicians who come together to form the Ulysses Ensemble. The ensemble tours for one season through Europe and benefits from several work-sessions in different places, including rehearsals and a series of public concerts with world-class conductors, while presenting a different repertoire at each stop. Performing alongside members of renowned professional ensembles, working with composers on their repertoire or on new pieces in the making—the Ulysses Ensemble offers a unique opportunity for professionalisation. 

In 2022 the Ulysses Ensemble consists, for the first time, solely of percussionists: five young musicians guided on their journey by members of Les Percussions de Strasbourg. Their artistic tour takes them from Strasbourg via ManiFeste l’Académie (Paris), Time of Music Festival (Viitasaari), Gaudeamus Festival (Utrecht), to Warsaw Autumn. 

The tour was made possible by the partnership of the following music institutions: Gaudeamus, IRCAM, Time of Music, and Warsaw Autumn.