Guim, Emilio International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Born in Ecuador and based in Switzerland since 2014, he studied jazz fusion at the Musicians Institute (Los Angeles), sound engineering at Los Angeles Recording School, obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University (Toronto), and a Master of Music degree in Music and Art Performance from the High School of Music in Lucerne. His main focus is on interdisciplinary practice of arts. His work combines multimedia performance, choreographed movement, concert music, electroacoustics, and music theatre. Besides composition and performance, his interests also include Max/MSP programming, sound design, music for dance theatre, and sound engineering. 

He has released four albums of original compositions with his jazz fusion band Lullaby North, toured with different ensembles through Europe and America, wrote music for choreographies, lm and TV, and produced many albums in genres from rock to avant-garde. He has been invited to teach masterclasses at the Institute of Arts of Ecuador and the University of Arts of Bratislava. Since 2017 he has been teaching at High School of Music in Lucerne at both the Music and the Visual Arts and Design schools in the field of interdisciplinary art. He has received the Dr. Peter Zaparinuk Memorial Award from York University for outstanding achievement in contemporary music composition (2012), the Proyecto Discográfico Binacional Award from the Ecuador Ministry of Culture for promising Ecuadorian composers (2008), and was awarded the Kompositionsatelier-Berlin from the city of Zurich (2017). He is the artistic director from Ensemble of Nomads, and also works often with different ensembles across Switzerland, such as Vortex Ensemble (Geneva) and EW-4/ Arte Quartett (Basel), among others. 

Selected works (since 2015): Stellen, Schichten, Lagern, performance for eight performers (with Binha Haase, 2015), Khora, music for a choreography by Davidson Farias (2015), They Are Coming, Waves, audiovisual performance for eight musicians (2015), Zum Wohl for electric guitar, piano, percussion, violin, video and electronics (2015), The Principle of Change for electric guitar, piano and electronics (2015), The Consequence of Change for electric guitar, piano, violin, percussion and electronics (2016), Miraging for electric guitar, piano, video and electronics (2016), Burial of Days for electric guitar and piano (2017), Raised by Wolves for electric guitar, piano, tenor saxophone, violin, percussion and electronics (2017), Speaking of Which for electric guitar, piano, video and electronics (2017), The Weakest Force of Nature for tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, dancer and electronics (2017), South and North for tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, video and electronics (2017), To live all days at once for tenor saxophone and electronics (2018), Lies the Snake for electric guitar, electronics, video and coffee (2018), You Had to Rename Everything, video work for flute and electronics (2018), Sparkfor piano, electric guitar, percussion, video and electronics (2018–19), Deaf Ground for electric guitar, cello, viola, violin and electronics (2019), Hangman’s Chorale for clarinets, two percussion players and electronics (2019), Liquid Mountain for electric guitar, table-top guitar, sampler, synthesizer, three computers, video and electronics (2020).